Caterpillar Inflatables

Caterpillar Inflatables


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Caterpillar Inflatables

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Product Code: SI-007018

Length: 59 ft (18m)
Width: 8.2 ft (2.5m)
Height: 9.8 ft (3m)
Weight: 190 kg
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Caterpillar Inflatables is a popular bounce house for kids or adults, and lt's unique & irreplaceable! Size of best bouncy house is fit for you. Our Tunnels Inflatables are comprised of 18 oz. Commercial grade, lead-free PVC materials. Commercial Caterpillar Inflatables is a best choice for you!

Caterpillar Inflatables Manufacturer provide a low price and hight quality products. Why no action? Be quality enjoys it!

Tunnels Inflatables is one of our most popular bounce houses for kids or adults! Double reinforced workmanship makes it much more stronger. What's more, it is not too heavy because of new 15oz pvc materail.

Caterpillar Inflatables has lots of fun functions.Such as jump, climb, slide, throw balls and so on.Kids love to play inside for one day!

Our lighter&stronger Tunnels Inflatables will bring much success to your rental business.

Are Caterpillar Inflatables safe? yes, We supply good safe and comfortable in All Our Tunnels Inflatables Products.

Can Caterpillar Inflatables be recycled ? Yes It can recycled.

Do Tunnels Inflatables work goods? Yes It works wonderful, you can play it outdoor or indoor, your kids would love it.

Where is your Tunnels Inflatables products, how to buy it in you Website ? yes, You can shopping it online in our Website, We have branches in the United States, Australia and Canada and China. We'll ship it to you when you want to buy Tunnels Inflatables.

It is worth noting that our company provides global logistics warehouse services. such as Raleigh,London,Miami,Animals,Paris,Houston,California,Canada,Perth,Sport,Florida,Oklahoma,Midi,Texas.

All of these places our company can serve you.

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